What’s all this aboat?

Ken and I are both from the southeastern United States. He’s originally from Virginia…raised in West Virginia mostly, and I’m from Georgia and it shows. A lot.  (Why yes, I do say y’all, eat grits and put butter in everything…what of it?)  We’ve both moved around quite a bit and I know I’ve yet to live somewhere that I couldn’t find the positive.  Between us, we’ve lived in Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, Colorado, Alabama, Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and New Mexico, although not in that order at all. When we moved from Virginia to Colorado several years ago, I thought that was the biggest move I would ever make.  Little did I know.

Last year, we moved to Canada from Colorado at the end of June, and I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for well over a year now. It sounded like a great idea when we were moving here, and the longer we’ve lived in Canada, the more hurdles we’ve cleared, and the more we’ve experienced, the more it seems like a good idea.

So, I’m finally getting down to it. I’ll go back and tell you how we got to Canada in the first place. I’ll tell you all about the trials and comedy of moving and getting settled here. And I’ll share what it’s like to be an American living here in Calgary. We do a lot of traveling, so I’ll share a lot of pictures from our trips, and just because I can, I’ll probably talk about crafting and cooking because I do a lot of that, too. I hope you enjoy the adventure!

3 thoughts on “What’s all this aboat?

    1. Thanks! I am excited to be blogging again and I actually hope I can be helpful to other people who find themselves making the same move. So many, many things I wish someone had been able to tell us!

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