Reasons I Love Calgary – Farmer’s Markets

There are a lot of things I really love about living here and one of those things is the great farmer’s markets we have so close to us.  In Colorado, we had a market that moved around to different shopping center parking lots on various weekends. While that was a vast improvement over what was available to us where we lived in Virginia, it wasn’t really a proper farmer’s market.

Here, there are 3 markets that are within 10 minutes of our house and each of them is great in its own way. One has expensive produce, but we like it for the many small restaurants it offers. Ken’s favorite is a little Mexican place and mine is a burger stand. The first time we were there, we talked for a long time with the lady who took our order and cooked our burgers. Turns out that she wasn’t just a cook, she owns the ranch and raised the cattle! On the opposite side of the same market, they have a stall where they sell their beef. How’s that for really local food?

Another market has some produce, but is really best for baked goods. They have all kinds of breads, pies, cookies, and more. Lots off it is even gluten free!

The market I like best is the biggest one. It has a butcher stall where we sometimes buy meat and a cheese shop with tons of different kinds to try. The reason I like it best though, is that it reminds me of the farmer’s market we used to go to in Atlanta when I was a kid. So many different outdoor stalls full of beautiful fresh produce just waiting to be cooked up! I love going just to look, even when I don’t really need anything.







7 thoughts on “Reasons I Love Calgary – Farmer’s Markets

  1. If you have never cooked one of those little sugar pumpkins, you should really get one and try it. You will NEVER buy canned pumpkin again

      1. They are good for anything you want to make with pumpkin. I have made pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, and a savory side dish with sauteed onions and red peppers.

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