Reasons I love Calgary – Snow

Okay, I know that people who have always lived here will think I’m a loon, but I love snow. Growing up in the southeastern United States, we rarely saw snow. We got snow maybe once a year and it was almost always a “dusting” that was gone by the end of the day. The fun thing about it was that school was almost always canceled if there was snow on the ground. So when there was a forecast for possible snow, we would pray for it, we would do “snow dances” to call that snow down, hoping against hope that we would get a snow day out of it. So I don’t think it should be a big surprise that snow makes me feel festive, like something good is going to happen on a snowy day.

Living in Denver, I did get a taste of what it was like to live in a place where it snows regularly and where that snow piles up in drifts, where you have to shovel the sidewalk and clean off your car in the mornings if you don’t park in a garage. But, in four years, that festive feeling on days that we got snow never went away. I still love snow.

I love watching it come down and pile up, covering the ground with pure white. I love bundling up in warm clothes to shovel the walk. I love the feeling of being a good neighbor and shoveling the walk next door because I’m already out there. I love coming back in to a warm cozy house with my nose cold and red to have a cup of hot chocolate. I love watching our dog, Ilex roll around in it and throwing snowballs for her to catch and eat. I love the way it looks piled on tree branches and I love trying to catch flakes on my tongue a la Lucy from the Peanuts gang. I know that there are lots of things people dislike about snow, and I imagine I would, too, if I’d always lived in a place that got a lot of snow. But I’d rather focus on what I like than on what I don’t, I guess.

I was disappointed last year that we got less snow than we did in the years we lived in Colorado. I don’t know if that was normal or not because we’ve only spent one winter here in Calgary and, by all accounts, it was a mild one. What I do know is that it has already snowed here much earlier than it did last year. Ken wasn’t too thrilled about that, but it made me happy.  7 or 8 months from now, I’ll probably be almost as sick of it as everyone else, but I’ll take my happiness where I can find it for now.

We’ve had snow here for about the last 2 weeks now. It snowed before we got back from our vacation, and this was the scene at our house when we got home. Since then we’ve had some flurries on and off, but not very much. The next few days are supposed to be warmer, so we’ll enjoy that weather while it’s here before the next snow hits us and then we’ll enjoy that, too!  Now I just need to knit up some new hats to keep my ears warm while I shovel the front walk.


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