A Good Day

Today was an anniversary of sorts and I spent the day both thinking about it and keeping busy so I could not think about it. Luckily for me it was a beautiful November day and that made it easy to enjoy myself. After the last two weeks of below freezing temperatures and grey skies, it was 50 degrees F and sunny. A glorious day to hang some Christmas lights!

I know, I know…Christmas lights?! It’s only November 5th! I know what all the complainers in America would say…”Can’t we have Thanksgiving first?!” Frankly, I was beginning to think Americans had the market cornered on complaining about all things Christmas. Is someone decorating too early? Is a store being too commercial? (Although how they do that, I really don’t know…commercial is what they DO.) Did someone say ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of the only acceptable seasonal greeting of ‘Merry Christmas’? Americans are good at complaining about all kinds of things and Christmas is no exception.

I had no idea that Canadians also complain about the early decorations and ads…who knew? I guess last year it just wasn’t on my radar, but I saw a Canadian Tire ad on Facebook yesterday and half of the comments on it were complaints about how they should have waited at least until after Remembrance Day. How a few decorations would keep someone from paying due respect to veterans and fallen soldiers I couldn’t say, but I guess some Canadians can be pretty good at complaining, too.

Anyway, this was about how I had a good day today and not so much about complainers. Because it was a nice day and we are expecting more freezing weather Wednesday, I wanted to put up the lights while I had a chance. I found I had enough lights to hang along the roof across the front of the house, around each of the windows, and around the front door. That made me happy because I didn’t have to buy more. These lights were actually inherited from the previous tenant, so we didn’t buy them in the first place, haha! The only things I bought were a tool to hang the lights with (from Canadian Tire of course!) and a caramel apple cider to drink while I was working.

Because I was already in the mood, when I was done with the lights, I made some beaded snowflake ornaments. Shades of Girl Scout meetings past…it brought back all of those Eggleston Tree Festival ornaments we used to make. It’s different making them on my own, but it was still fun making these sparkly little snowflakes. It was nice to spend a whole day thinking only about things that make me happy for a change.


3 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. Yay for Girl Scouts! Yay you spell grey the same as me! Yay for Christmas (though I do wait ’til after Thanksgiving)! Yay for your blog! I enjoy reading it. I’ve been meaning to comment on some of the earlier ones, but you know how it goes. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading!

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