Try again tomorrow

Today was a hard day for me.

It didn’t start out that way and I’ve been trying to make some sense out of it for a while now.

I’ll spare the details because it’s pretty trivial stuff in the greater scheme of things. It’s just that sometimes even small things pile up until they feel too heavy to bear. Today was like that for me.

But, it will okay now because I’ve had some hugs and I made magic soup and I’ll just get up and try again tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Try again tomorrow

    1. Thank you. I know what sort of set things in motion for me to go in that direction yesterday, but it would have been fine if things hadn’t just piled up like that. But, Ken came home and told me a joke, gave me a hug, and then I made magic soup and things looked much better this morning. I hope your day gets brighter, too.

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