That Carriage is Horseless!

This is a really interesting post…particularly the part explaining why we drive on one side of the road or the other.

Bite Size Canada

Whenever a discussion arises about who had what first, there is seldom unanimous agreement. Just who did have Canada’s first automobile? Well, maybe that depends on the definition of an automobile.

The “first” distinctness might belong to Father Belcourt who had a steam-propelled vehicle when he was serving at Prince Edward Island. It was demonstrated at a garden party in 1866 and the CharlottetownExaminer reported, “and with wonder and delight it was observed steaming away for half a mile on the road and back again at a fast speed.”

Another “first” automobile was called a “horseless carriage.” It was an electric car built for F. B. Fetherstonhaugh, K.C., by Dickson’s of Toronto, and appeared on the streets on December 5, 1893. It could travel at a speed of 15 m.p.h. And go 15 miles before its batteries needed recharging.

It seems clear that the…

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