Another first! Still so excited!

I spent most of today in bed after waking up feeling like I’d been run over by a truck. I did only one thing that could be considered productive today. Well, make that two things, if you count making a pitcher of sweet tea.

I shipped out my first orders! That was fun and kind of exciting, even when I felt so crummy physically. The lady at the post office was even excited and happy for me. She asked for a card and that was when I realized that I fail at bidness…no cards yet.  So, that will be my project for tomorrow. I did include nice hand-written thank you cards with my packages, though, so that was something.


Exciting in a different way was the fact that the money from my sales has already gone to help pay a bill this month. I know that doesn’t sound like the most exciting way to use it, but since I haven’t been able to help out in any monetary way for almost 2 years, that was a big deal to me. The next time maybe it will go towards something fun.



14 thoughts on “Another first! Still so excited!

    1. Thanks, G! I’m pretty excited about them and I have a lot of ideas for my own designs, just need to sit down and get some things on paper so I can actually see if they will work in fabric.

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