January 6th. The last day I can keep my Christmas decorations up. I always hold off on taking them down until the last day when I can justify keeping them up. Some people rush to take them down as soon as possible once Christmas Day is over, some feel a need to take them down before New Year’s Day. I’ve never understood that impulse. I’m one of those that resists.

Once they’re down, I miss Christmas. Not just because I miss the lights and the decorations and the cheerful movies, but also because then it’s just winter.

It’s not that I don’t like winter. I do. I love snow and I don’t really mind the cold; it’s just that winter feels so long and in winter it feels like there is little to look forward to. I’m usually a pretty positive person, so I decided today to look for all the things I like about the post-Christmas winter season and post some of those things each week. I’ve found in my life that if you actively look for the positive you’re more likely to find it, so I’m seeking out the brightness of winter.



11 thoughts on “Epiphany

  1. Ha winter, would love some snow now – we have our blazing summer in full swing. I love my Christmas decs too, but usually take them down early in the new year – it’s a bit like a fresh start. Love putting them up agian in nov!

  2. It wasn’t until I moved up here that I appreciated how wondrous spring could be. But I’ve also learned how to find beauty in the dreary days… it’s not always easy, though.

  3. I love winter here in NYC. I do no not enjoy the summer with the heat and humidity. It is warm here currently for NYC, no big snows yet. I need to get my tree down this weekend. Easy to put up, but hard to take down…I don’t know why.

    1. I just put everything into two bins. I still need to organize it all, but I had so much to do on Monday that I decided that part could wait until later. My basement is a wreck now, but at least the rest of the house is de-Christmasified.

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